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Our Church Building

Our Church building is home to a lively faith community.

Saint Augustine's was first consecrated in 1889, having been built by Mr. E.C.Merewether.

Its windows, furnishings and fabric represent the gifts, love and devotion of succeeding generations of the faith community here.

They remember the local heroes of war and peace, and so many beautiful people whose lives have sanctified St. Augustine's and contributed to the people of Merewether and Newcastle.

The windows include our patron saint, Augustine of Canterbury. A missionary monk, he was sent by Pope Gregory in 596 to pastor the Angles in Britain.

Gregory had seen the fair-haired British slaves in Rome and said they were 'not Angles but angels'.

Augustine became the first Archbishop of Canterbury.

If you would like to know more about the St Augustine's bulding, you are welcome to download our information brochure.

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Church Building Information
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